Koh Samui Cliff Jumping

Extreme Koh Samui Cliff Jumping

We’ve learned that the modern extreme sports is a pile of expensive equipment, high-tech clothing, severe climatic conditions. Koh samui cliff jumping or in common – jumping from the rocks – in this sense, the real antipode, diving in panties with sun-warmed rocks. Nevertheless, it is also hard extreme where any flaw or error can be fatal. However, it is the real natural extreme, having historical roots even deeper than climbing. And it’s very beautiful.

Professionals practicing cliff diving, train for years: constantly improving its accuracy and analyzing the time, they are stored in the smallest details of jumping. This new “sport” has gained massive popularity thanks to many fantastic places for jumping. Since there is a risk, koh samui cliff jumping should be dealt together with an organized tour, and participants should not try to low jumps, jumping height should start from three meters and gradually increase – to 20-meter jump into the sea. It should be noted that there are combined tours that include snorkeling and cliff jumping.

Koh Samui Cliff Jumping Thailand

In fact, rock jumping has a long tradition that dates back to the times of the ancient tribes of Easter Island or Hawaii, who used such as jumping all sorts of ceremonies. Instead of condemning better than ever to try to make such a leap, but in instructing a professional and thoroughly tested area. If you dare – you open new, unexplored impressions of your ability. The main occupation of this island is considered koh samui cliff jumping from heights of 12 – 21 meters. This is one of the most popular places among the cliff divers. However, the beauty of the rocks is directly proportional to their evil. These rocks are intended only for experienced cliff divers.

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