Inca Trail

Inca Trail Tour
Hiking the Inca TrailInca Trail ElevationInca Trail MapTourists on Inca Trail

Inca Empire during its existence has built a system of more than 40 000 kilometers of roads connecting the remote ends of the vast empire, from the north of Quito (Ecuador) to the south […]


Ubud Temple
Ubud PalaceUbud Bali BeachUbud Traditional MarketHanging Gardens Ubud

Ubud is a small town in the center of the island, which is very different from the southern resort of Bali. Ubud is so unique and special that visitors often fall in love with […]


City Palace Udaipur
Lily Pond at Lake Palace, UdaipurUdaipur at NightFront Side of the City Palace UdaipurVisiting City Palace Udaipur

Arriving in India, you definitely have heard about City Palace Udaipur – one of the most beautiful cities. After all the emotions of visiting it remains in memory forever. Initially, in Udaipur, you will […]

Venice Italy

Venetian Canal - Venice, Italy
Fantastic View of Venice ItalyHilton Molino Stucky Venice HotelGondola Italy, VeniceSt. Mark's Square and Campanile in Venice

The city on the water Venice attracts many tourists. This is not only due to the special location on the water, but also with its unique architecture, which refers to different periods, a large […]

Machu Piсchu

Machu Piсchu from Above
Machu Piсchu from AboveMachu Piсchu at NightInca Bridge At Machu PicchuMachu Piсchu Hiking

In 1911, within a few days through the wilds of the jungle at the foot of the mountain of Machu Piсchu in Peru expedition of Hiram Bingham crept, accompanied by Indians. Before eyes of […]

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre Bay
Cinque Terre Hiking TrailsCinque Terre BeachCinque Terre LiguriaCinque Terre Bay

Cinque Terre is not a classic resort with large hotels “all inclusive”, and surprisingly original Italian hinterland, where Italians like to spend holidays. Despite the fact that there are all the benefits of civilization, […]

Tuscany Italy

Travelling to Tuscany Italy
Tuscany BeachTuscany Italy TripPeaceful Town Tuscany ItalyNature of Tuscany Italy

Tuscany Italy has long attracted visitors with spectacular scenery and rich cultural heritage. The capital of Tuscany is Florence – the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Throughout the Tuscany architectural monuments, sculptures and model […]


Windhoek Country Club
African City WindhoekSettlements at WindhoekVacation at WindhoekRailway Station of Windhoek

Windhoek is quite a young city in the south of the African continent. At the beginning of the XIX century from South Africa Dutchman Van Denervaud with his men came here by land, and […]

Bali Indonesien

Coast of Bali Indonesien
Bungalows Resort Bali IndonesienCoast of Bali IndonesienMap of Bali IndonesienEntertainment Bali Indonesien

For fans of tropical exotic tours to Bali Indonesien in Indonesia remains one of the most popular tourist destinations. Geographically Bali Indonesien belongs to the Malay Archipelago, the two neighboring plots of land – […]

Bangkok Grand Palace

Grand Palace from across the Chao Phraya River
Bangkok Grand Palace Official Residence of the KingBangkok Grand Palace Emerald BuddhaGrand Palace from across the Chao Phraya RiverBeauty of Bangkok Grand Palace

Bangkok Grand Palace was the official residence of Thai kings and the seat of all the administrative mechanisms of the national government until the early 20th century. It also included the Thai Ministry of […]