Inca Trail

Exciting Routes of Inca Trails
Hiking the Inca TrailInca Trail MapInca Trail PeruThe Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Inca Empire during its existence has built a system of more than 40 000 kilometers of roads connecting the remote ends of the vast empire, from the north of Quito (Ecuador) to the south […]


Ayutthaya Wat Chaiwatthanaram
Ayutthaya Wat ChaiwatthanaramAyutthaya at NightAyutthaya Historical ParkAyutthaya Kingdom

Ayutthaya is an ancient city in Thailand located near Bangkok, 100 km to the north of it. The city is the ancient capital of the eponymous kingdom preceding Siam. In 1991, the historic center […]

Machu Piсchu

Machu Piсchu Tumblr
Inca Bridge At Machu PicchuMachu Piсchu PeruMachu Piсchu TumblrMachu Piсchu Panorama

In 1911, within a few days through the wilds of the jungle at the foot of the mountain of Machu Piсchu in Peru expedition of Hiram Bingham crept, accompanied by Indians. Before eyes of […]

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre Italy
Cinque Terre at NightCinque Terre StreetsCinque Terre Hiking TrailsCinque Terre Beach

Cinque Terre is not a classic resort with large hotels “all inclusive”, and surprisingly original Italian hinterland, where Italians like to spend holidays. Despite the fact that there are all the benefits of civilization, […]


Portovenere Italy
Portovenere ItalyPortovenere Italy's Hidden TreasurePortovenere PanoramaPortovenere Beach

In the Ligurian Gulf of La Spezia there is a small village Portovenere. On the one hand it is fenced by a wall of rocky mountains, so it is possible to pass to the […]

Tuscany Italy

Incredible View of Tuscany Italy
Tuscany Luxury VillaTuscany CityVacation in TuscanyVineyard in Tuscany

Tuscany Italy has long attracted visitors with spectacular scenery and rich cultural heritage. The capital of Tuscany is Florence – the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Throughout the Tuscany architectural monuments, sculptures and model […]

Golconda Fort

Trip to Golconda Fort
Golconda Fort StairwayGolconda Fort Tourist PlacePlace to See Golconda FortGolconda Fort Architecture Design

The ruins of the ancient city of Golconda, the former in XVI-XVII centuries, the capital of the Duchy of the same name, are currently located in 11 kilometers from the modern city of Hyderabad. […]

Hebden Bridge

Holidays at Hebden Bridge
Beautiful Hebden BridgeVacation at Hebden BridgeAmazing Hebden BridgeHolidays at Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge – a historic town in the North of England, is not only the largest but also the most English of all English counties: from the hills, meadows and blooming gardens of local […]


Sukhothai Walking Buddha
Sukhothai Hotel, BangkokContemporary SukhothaiSukhothai Old CityPlace to Stay in Sukhothai

Historical Park Sukhothai is formed on the site of the ancient capital of the kingdom of Sukhothai, which existed in the XIII-XIV centuries. The city was surrounded by a rectangular shape Sukhothai airport around […]

Taj Mahal

Construction of Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal GateTaj Mahal by NightTaj Mahal InsideTaj Mahal Tomb

Taj Mahal is known around the world, it has been attracting many tourists for already 350 years. The familiar silhouette of the countless photographs became a symbol of India. It seems that the Taj […]