Moorea Aerial View
Moorea CoastTravel to MooreaMoorea Paradise HotelMoorea Lagoon Resort

Not far from Tahiti there is a Moorea island – an island of French Polynesia – 7-10 minute flight or 20 minutes by ferry, and you find yourself in the picturesque harbor with luxurious […]

Saint Lucia Island

Saint Lucia Island Bay
Sunny Beaches of Saint Lucia IslandTrip to Saint Lucia IslandBeautiful Saint Lucia IslandView of Saint Lucia Island

Saint Lucia Island attracts people from around the world for its white beaches, safe harbors and unusually beautiful scenery. Despite the fact that in recent years the flow of tourists on the island has […]

Badlands National Park

Wildlife in Badlands National Park
Badlands National Park South DakotaMagical Badlands National ParkEntering Badlands National ParkBadlands National Park USA

Badlands National Park was established in 1978, on the 10th of November. It is located in the south-western part of South Dakota, between the rivers Cheyenne and White. Its area is generally equal to […]

Bali Indonesien

Exciting View of Bali Indonesien
Gold Sand Beaches of Bali IndonesienBungalows Resort Bali IndonesienCoast of Bali IndonesienSeashore of Bali Indonesien

For fans of tropical exotic tours to Bali Indonesien in Indonesia remains one of the most popular tourist destinations. Geographically Bali Indonesien belongs to the Malay Archipelago, the two neighboring plots of land – […]

Everglades National Park

Aerial View of Everglades National Park
Aerial View of Everglades National ParkFlock of Birds Everglades National ParkEverglades National Park TreesEverglades National Park Cypress

Everglades – a national park on the southern peninsula of Florida (the USA), which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Each year, the National Park is visited by 1 million tourists. South […]

Plitvice Lakes

Tour to Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice Lakes BridgeHolidays at Plitvice LakesPlitvice Lakes with WaterfallsTour to Plitvice Lakes

The Croatian coast and the numerous islands are considered one of the cleanest places on the planet. They attract millions of tourists with its golden beaches and gliding on the water with yachts, a […]

Redwood National Park

Tall Tree Trail Redwood National Park
Redwood National Park CoastRedwood National Park CaliforniaRedwood National Park SignboardGiant Redwoods at USA National Park

Fiction enthusiasts have probably seen the famous epic “Star Wars.” Remember last season? Planet Endor, the forest covered with fabulous high trees … Did you know that you can yourself experience the atmosphere of […]

Ararat Mountain

Breathtaking View of Ararat Mountain
Ararat Armenian MountainArarat Mountain ValleyBloom at Ararat MountainSpectacular Ararat Mountain

Armenians call this mountain the Giant – in the circle, it is 40 kilometers. Melt water flowing from the peaks of Ararat mountain, makes part of the Anatolian plains into fertile land. Locals called […]

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park Skyline Drive
Valley of Shenandoah National ParkShenandoah National Park Skyline DriveBeautiful View Of Shenandoah National ParkShenandoah National Park Map

Shenandoah National Park covers an area of Virginia, the closest major city to the park – Front Royal. The present borders of the Shenandoah Park cover 805.39 square kilometers. Over the years of its […]

Koh Chang Beach

Sunny Koh Chang Beach
Koh Chang Lonely BeachBeautiful Nature Of Koh Chang BeachSunny Koh Chang BeachKoh Chang White Sand Beach

Many tourists, who decided to spend their holidays in Thailand, often opt for the popular, but very crowded and unattractive resorts like Pattaya. But among the paradises of the country, there exists a great […]