Koh Chang Beach

Sunny Koh Chang Beach
Relaxing Koh Chang BeachKoh Chang Beach MapKoh Chang Beach HutKoh Chang Beach Villas

Many tourists, who decided to spend their holidays in Thailand, often opt for the popular, but very crowded and unattractive resorts like Pattaya. But among the paradises of the country, there exists a great […]

Koh Chang

Koh Chang Map
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Since 1982, the island of Koh Chang – part of the National Marine Park on the island banned water sports: skiing, jet skis, etc.; there are no factories or concerns, so mountains and pristine […]

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park Badwater
View of Death Valley National ParkDeath Valley National Park BadwaterDeath Valley National Park at NightDeath Valley National Park California

On our planet, you can meet a lot of amazing places and beautiful sights. However, some travelers are sent to the US West to see the lowest place in North America (almost 87 meters […]

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park Night Sky
Big Bend National Park Night SkyMountains Of Big Bend National ParkBig Bend National Park CampingBig Bend National Park Hiking

National Park Big Bend is situated on the territory of Texas, USA. The reserve was opened on the border with Mexico and separated from it by the river Rio Grande. The reserve is famous […]

Cuzco is Much More Than Just Machu Picchu

Cuzco Moray
Sacred Valley CuzcoCuzco MorayInca Wall CuzcoMachu Picchu Cuzco

Cusco attracts many visitors with its modern western style that perfectly harmonize with the indigenous world. It is the contrast that makes this place a real catch for many tourists. Most of them are […]

Liguria: All the Best in 1 Day

Beautiful Landscape Of Liguria
Genoa Bay LiguriaCinque Terre LiguriaLiguria BaysRiviera Liguria

Liguria is considered to be one of the smallest regions in Italy. Its territory is a good example of a land of contrasts: there are lots of cliffs over the sea on its eastern […]

Three Main Beaches on Koh Lipe

Emerald Koh Lipe
Place To Stay Koh LipeEmerald Koh LipeMap Of Koh LipeKoh Lipe Island

On Koh Lipe, there are three big beaches and several smaller private ones. The main Koh Lipe beach is Pattaya. Many tourists come here to enjoy warm clear water and soft sand offered by […]

Romance and Beauty of Bora Bora

Luxury Hotel Bora Bora
Incredible Bora BoraPlace To Relax Bora BoraBora Bora At NightRest At Bora Bora

It takes less than one hour to get to the Bora Bora Island from Tahiti or Moorea by plane. Everybody who comes to this place falls in love with its lagoon, which resembles greens […]

Bali as an Affordable All-Year-Round Holiday Destination

Amazing Bali
Bali FieldsAmazing BaliBali ResortSanctuary Bali

Many traveler magazines admit that Bali is now considered to be one of the best holiday destinations that offer a relatively cheap stay. This island is constantly changing dynamically. It is characterized by rapid […]

Popular Attractions in Sanur

Sunny Resort Sanur
Boats SanurPalms SanurAerial View SanurComfort Rest At Sanur

The beach of Sanur is the first resort in Bali discovered by tourists. It has a very rich history as well as amazing nature. The beach still retains its laid-back ambience attracting those tourists […]