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The city on the water Venice attracts many tourists. This is not only due to the special location on the water, but also with its unique architecture, which refers to different periods, a large number of attractions, special atmosphere. When you plan to stay in Venice Italy, you will see a large number of channels and very beautiful bridges. There are approximately 400 bridges, each of which is very beautiful, as well as 160 channels. Interestingly, in the city cars cannot be seen. The main means of transportation in Venice Italy are boats, steamers, and well-famous gondolas. Every tourist wants to ride on a gondola. Walking around the city, you can see a lot of narrow streets, alleys and squares.

Interestingly, the history of Venice Italy begins as a small village, which traditionally was fishers’ village. Further development of the village has turned into a powerful Venetian republic. Today, the existence of the Republic indicate crafts that still exist. Having been in the city on the water, tourists can buy souvenirs in the form of articles made of silver and glass, as well as lace and embroidery.

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It should be noted that the Venice Italy – it is also a cultural center, which has a special significance. Buying tickets to the Venice Italy Film Festival can be seen, which is of international significance. In addition, the city hosts the famous Biennale. In addition, a list of cultural activities can be further continued.

Particular attention should be numerous islands, which belong to Venice Italy. It is necessary to name some of the most well-known. For example, the island of San Michele previously served as a cemetery for famous people. In the island of Burano a lot of fishermen, as well as the masters who create lace work. This is where located the school, which taught the art of traditional lace. Particular attention should be paid to island called Torcello. It is considered to be the mother of Venice Italy itself. The island has only 100 inhabitants. Here you can see works of art that belonging to the old historical periods. Visiting Venice Italy resort, it is also recommended to visit the island of Murano. Here you can see the Museum of Glass.

Large Detailed Map of Venice.

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