Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat Temple

An Angkor Wat temple (or “city-temple”), sanctified to Hindu God Vishnu, is the greatest cult building in the world. It is an elaborate three-level construction with a great number of stairs and transitions, crowned with five towers. A temple is knowingly named the soul of the Khmer people. In fact, Angkor exactly presents all their art, the great civilization by itself and appears to be a heart of nation. People say it was built in such way that there is no matter where you stay, you will definitely see all its five towers. There are overall nearly 200 monuments at the territory of more than 400 square kilometers. Unsurprisingly this place has been under the guard of UNESCO since 1992.

A temple complex takes place in 240 kilometers west from Pnompenh and only 6 kilometers north from Siem Reap (which is, by the way, most visited city in Cambodia).

Aerial View Of Angkor Wat

There are two ways of entering the territory of complex: going “astern” (from the east) or through the parade Western gopura. A beautiful word “gopura” is a name for entrance building. So, as you can see, the second variant is more logical and obvious.

Angkor Wat is a temple complex, which any tourist who has an opportunity to visit Angkor is obliged to see. It is acknowledged pearl of Angkor that meets all the visitors without any exceptions. Exactly this temple you will see using the Small or Large circle route.

What is the Small Circle? It is a classic route of Angkor temples visitors for one day. The whole its length is about 20 kilometers. There is also the Large Circle – a route, which is prepared for the second day (for visitors, who came for some days), its length is about 25 kilometers. Usually the Angkor distant temples are chosen on the third day. So if you have free three days, you will probably pass these routes.

Angkor Wat Temple

If you are lucky to have more time, you can relax and do what you want at the territory of this giant magic place.

12 Photos of the Angkor Wat

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