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The ruins of the ancient city of Golconda, the former in XVI-XVII centuries, the capital of the Duchy of the same name, are currently located in 11 kilometers from the modern city of Hyderabad. Chief among old buildings that have been preserved to date, it is the central fortress in the time erected on a hill of 120 meters high to protect the city from the predatory attacks of the Mughals.

The original version of the Golconda fort appeared in the far XII century in era of the reign of the Kikatiya dynasty, however, for three centuries, the fortress was gradually destroyed because it was conquered several times. Restoring of dilapidated citadel was made after coming to power Qutb Shahi Islamic rulers in 1507. The final destruction of the fortress of Golconda fort was made after its ten-month siege of the troops of the Mughal emperor Aurangazeba in 1687.

Golconda Fort Inside

However, fortunately, the power of erstwhile citadel is visible even now. It is represented by four well distinguishable parts and covering their walls, the total length of which is about 10 kilometers. The total amount available in the construction of semi-circular bastions – 87, some of them are still fighting tools.

The location of the fortress has everything necessary for life by the standards of the time of construction: residential buildings, Hindu and Muslim temples, warehouses and stables. It affects the amount of decorative elements located here – swimming pools and fountains. It is possible to get to the castle via any of the eight closely guarded gates to the fortress were also four drawbridges.

The architecture of the castle is presented in a way that expresses acoustic effects. For example, if you clap your hands loudly or stamp your foot at one gate, then the sound is distinctly heard a kilometer away, at the highest point of the construction. Such a good audibility in Golconda fort is an excellent warning of different hazards.

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Near the fortress walls of Golconda fort are granite monuments with the highest domes, of which there are 18 pieces. Here the bodies of rulers Qutb Shahi dynasty lie. The area that surrounds the mausoleum is represented with a wonderful landscape and gardens.

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