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Temple of the Dawn Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun (full name is Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan) is considered one of the most beautiful temples of Bangkok with its relative modesty and simplicity. Unlike most other popular temples, the Temple of the Dawn is not replete with large number of golden statues, emerald decoration, etc. But due to its high pagoda Khmer-style (it is called a prang, and is different from a simple Thai pagoda is the fact that is richly decorated with carved and inlaid with colored glass, mirrors, porcelain and seashells) temple is a very important tourist attraction.

The height of the prang is variously estimated from 66.8 to 88 meters, and it is still the highest in Thailand. Prior to the construction of skyscrapers in Bangkok Tower has long been the highest structure of the capital. And it’s great now anyone can climb to the top and enjoy the Bangkok aerial view. The name of this temple was given in honor of the Indian (not a Buddhist, as many believe) Aruna God of dawn. The temple was built back in the days when the city was the capital of the kingdom of Ayutthaya, but no one knows the exact date of its foundation. After the transfer of the capital from Ayutthaya to Bangkok this place got the status of the main temple of the royal temple, and until 1785 there was kept the statue of the Emerald Buddha, now housed in the Royal Grand Palace.

Wat Arun Bangkok Sunset

The complex of Wat Arun are viharn, gazebo, library, hall of initiations, rooms for monks, the Buddha sculptures and a lot of amazing mythical creatures. In November, in the temple of Wat Arun Buddhist ceremony held major “Kathin”. The celebration is necessarily present all know and Thai government officials. During the event, honored monks of Thailand awarded special traditional dress, called “Kathin”, which presents the king or his family members.

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