Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park At Night

National Park Big Bend is situated on the territory of Texas, USA. The reserve was opened on the border with Mexico and separated from it by the river Rio Grande. The reserve is famous Chisos Mountain Range, the maximum height of which reaches approximately 2500 meters.

It is noteworthy that on the territory of the reserve is the desert of Chihuahua with characteristic desert climate. The highest temperature is up to +49 degrees. So here you can observe stony ground, dotted with cacti. The full area of the park is over three thousand square meters. It covers 324,154 ha of the south-western part of Texas.

Big Bend National Park Rio Grande

This park – one of the most wild and isolated parts of the country. The name “Big Bend” is derived from the rotation by 90 °, which makes the Rio Grande, when turning to the Gulf of Mexico through the rocks of volcanic origin, the Sierra del Carmen and San Vicente.

Changing from the deep (457 m) along the river canyons of the Rio Grande to the Chisos Mountains, covered with pine trees, Big Bend gives opportunity to see the mountains, deserts, canyons and rivers that characterize the US Southwest.

Coyotes, peccaries and cuckoo-plantains roam freely among the cactus and blooming wild flowers. The reserve is also famous Yucca Valley. In spite of the desert, the park has lush vegetation. In addition, a variety of wildlife and where the brightest of its representatives in this park are the vultures.

Mountains Of Big Bend National Park

The oldest road of gravel “Old Ore Road” is popular among tourists. Even in the XIX century it was used by the miners who mined iron ore in the area. Big Bend national park sand consists of quartz. Externally, the Chihuahua desert looks almost white. Also in the desert, which is quite remarkable, flowers grow. You can see them if you go to Big Bend park in the period from late March to early April. It attracts tourists also by local Yucca Valley. Dagger Flats auto trail – it is just 8 km gravel road, breaking that you will find yourself among the groves of giant plants.

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