Places to Visit in Zion Natural Park, Utah

The state Utah can brandish with the number of national parks in it. However it is difficult to find one more such place in the United States, comparable with a grandeur and beauty of the Zion National park. In a south part of Utah, where sky is surprisingly clean and the landscape astounds you, the unsurpassed masterpiece of nature is located. A Zion national park represents a harmony of surprisingly beautiful rocks, hills and canyons. […]

Restaurants, Casino, Shopping Center of Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This famous hotel rises above a Marina bay. Residents have an access to a landscape pool on a roof, 20 exquisite restaurants and first-class casino, where only the entrance fee is $100. In addition, the hotel is straight connected with an excellent Singapore shopping center. Rooms with carpets in the luxurious hotel of Marina Bay Sands are furnished with an appointment made of dark wood and equipped with cable television. Each panoramic window occupeis the […]

Snow-White Beaches and Emerald Jungles of Krabi

Although it is hard to say what properly attracts tourists to Krabi, it is a fact that Australians prefer these beaches to all another ones. Moreover, you should believe them – who knows better how to spend time on marine rest than they do. Here you’ll see an amazing beautiful coast with deep caves, snow-white beaches and emerald jungles. The unique things for usual tourists are centers for meditation outside the city area. There is […]

Ecologically Clean Resort of Thailand Ko Chang

Ko Chang island is located in the Siamese bay of Thailand, in the province of Spending, approximately in 315 kilometres from Bangkok, not far from a border with Cambodia. Starting from 1982 Ko Chang island became a part of National marine reserve, that’s why watersport (skis, water motorcycles etc) is forbidden, there are no enterprises and production, greater part of island is occupied by mountains and untouched jungles. As you see, Ko Chang is ecologically […]

Jaipur – the City of Rich History and Wonderful Architecture

Jaipur is the capital of the largest state of India – Rajasthan that is situated on the north-west of country. Jaipur is one of the most visited cities of India. It is also known as a “pink city” due to the unusual gently pink color of stone from which were built almost all buildings. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II founded this city in distant 1727 as the new capital of his possession. Jaipur had a […]

Grandiose World’s Wonder Great Wall

Great Wall of China is the most grandiose defensive building in history of the whole humanity. Preconditions for creation existed some centuries before the building started. Therefore, the great number of north principalities and reigns of China built walls defensing from the raids of nomads. After the association of these little reigns and principalities in the III century B.C., Qin Shi Huang was selected as an emperor. He was the man, who united efforts of […]

The Cultural Capital of Thailand Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the cultural capital of Thailand, the second largest city and the hiking center. It is a resort for those, who are tired of lying on a beach and admiring a surf. Chiang Mai is not a beach resort. Nevertheless, there is a surplus in cultural, natural and other sights. This city is famous for its ancient temples, grandiose mountain landscapes and folk holidays. Chiang Mai is located in the fertile valley of […]

The Most Famous Bridge in New-York City

The Brooklyn Bridge built in 1883 is one of the oldest suspension bridges in USA and it was the longest one (1825 meters) of this type in the whole world until 1903. This famous bridge joins two major municipal districts – Brooklyn and Manhattan. Today the bridge provides six lanes for vehicles and also the wide sidewalk in the middle located in a few meters from a trafficway. Formerly trolleybuses and trams are used to […]

The Phang Nga Bay is Beautyful Place to Relax

The Phang Nga bay takes place not far from the Phuket island and it is one of the Thailand wonders. It is considered as one of the most spectacular environmental attractions of Thailand. The usual landscape here looks like lonely rocks, as spread wide fingers sticking out from a light-blue smooth surface. Staggeringly beautiful bay consists of great number of small islands, consisting of limestone formations creating a picturesque background. Even producers of the movie […]

New Impressions from Petra

Petra is an ancient city in Jordan. A city of Petra is a wonderful treasure of the ancient world hidden behind the rocky mountains of Jordan. It is considered to be the greatest and the most famous place of interest of this country. It is situated to the north of Aqaba, only 133 km from it. Petra was built for us by hardworking people who had settled there thousands of years ago. People say there […]