The Most Famous Bridge in New-York City

The Brooklyn Bridge built in 1883 is one of the oldest suspension bridges in USA and it was the longest one (1825 meters) of this type in the whole world until 1903. This famous bridge joins two major municipal districts – Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Today the bridge provides six lanes for vehicles and also the wide sidewalk in the middle located in a few meters from a trafficway. Formerly trolleybuses and trams are used to go here, but now it is closed for a public transport.

During the blackouts in 1965, 1977 and 2003 thousands of people reached home over the bridge, because a subway did not work. The same happened after the acts of terrorism on September, 11.

The Brooklyn bridge is not only simply important transport artery in NY city, but it’s also one of main municipal sights, great number of tourists comes there every day to admire East River from both sides.

How to get there:

  • From the Manhattan side it’s simple: going out from the tube of “Brooklyn Bridge station – Chambers St” simply directed toward the bridge, and you certainly get on a pedestrian road.
  • From the Brooklyn side everything becomes a bit more difficult. An entrance on a pedestrian road is approximately in a 500 meters from the beginning of bridge, on crossing of Tillary and Adams Streets. Going out from the subway of “Brooklyn Bridge – High St”, you appear in “Cadman Plaza” park, after that you must get to its south-east part. To become clear, go to the opposite side of Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge would be visible by the roof of the building.

Reaching to the park corner, you should abut against District Court, and just in the other side of court, there is a necessary crossing where an unforgettable walk starts at the level of twentieth floor above NY city.

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