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The island of stunning natural flavor and diversity called Samui could not remain unnoticed during the tourist boom that hit Thailand in last century. It is the third one by area island of this country and is biggest in the archipelago of Chumpon, which consists of about 80 islands (mostly uninhabited). With a length of 25 kilometers koh samui beach resorts provide enough space to those who wish to explore new, and due to excellent developed infrastructure it is enough convenient for those who prefer relaxing near sound of waves.

Because up until the 19 century Samui was insulated and self sufficient and had frequent contacts with its mainland, local nature remained very close to its original form. Just in 70’s the first backpackers landed at Samui, and in the early 90’s boatloads of tourists arriving in koh samui beach resorts finally made it the second most popular holida resort in Thailand (Phuket is the first one). White sand beaches, colorful corals, gentle lagoon, amazing waterfalls, and ubiquitous crystal clear waves are enough to explain islands popularity. On koh samui beach resorts you will find quiet fishing villages and thickets of coconut palms, fruits harvested by monkeys, delightful beauty of the waterfalls, platforms and breathtaking mountain roads. Another important attraction of koh samui beach resorts is famous health centers SPA-therapy and massage. Rarely someone leaves the place without trying at least once the magic hands of local experts massage and magic anti-aging treatments.

Samui –is the resort for very different holiday, the main thing you need to choose is the right coast. Bophut Beach, Maenam and Bangpo in the north of the island are more suited for secluded and romantic getaway and tranquil sea. North-east coast of the beach called Choeng Mon charm family tourists with small children. East Coast and Chaweng Beach is the busiest place of the island. There is everything for leisure and shopping, youth and amateur of sports like this place. South Coast beach Bangkao is perfect for diving and snorkelling. The main its advantage is the rocky bottom and location next to a beautiful reef. The west coast of the bay is famous for the most beautiful sunsets on the island.

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