Cuzco is Much More Than Just Machu Picchu

Amazing Cuzco

Cusco attracts many visitors with its modern western style that perfectly harmonize with the indigenous world. It is the contrast that makes this place a real catch for many tourists. Most of them are interested in visiting Machu Picchu. Some of them prefer trekking for four days while others take a train to get there only in four hours. Tourists who arrive at the city admit that there is a thin clear air, which is the result of the high attitude. That’s why it is highly recommended to spend the first day in here relaxing to acclimatize. Before starting trekking to Cuzco Machu Picchu, one should spend about three days in and around the city.

This time can be spent on visiting other tourism draws. One of them is the Sacred Valley of the Incas which was a key territory of settlement to the Incas. It still serves as a lush agricultural area that supplies the city with much of its produce, such as fruit, vegetables, and maize. Another attraction that is very popular with tourists nowadays is the traditional Indian market at Pisac where one can buy beautiful textile crafts such as ponchos, sweaters, and bags. More sophisticated tourists go for the crafts made out of ceramic that reproduce Inca archaeological pieces, such as ceremonial glasses, necklaces, and others.

View Of Cuzco

Newly arrived visitors usually keen to see the Inca walls. These giant stone blocks fit together perfectly with no mortal beds between them. These walls survived the test of time while the Spanish colonial buildings were reconstructed a few times following a series of earthquakes that had hit Cuzco. Before going to the city for holidays, take enough time to decide on which places you want to visit first. There are so much to see, so many visitors stay much longer than planned.

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