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Great Wall of China is the most grandiose defensive building in history of the whole humanity. Preconditions for creation existed some centuries before the building started. Therefore, the great number of north principalities and reigns of China built walls defensing from the raids of nomads. After the association of these little reigns and principalities in the III century B.C., Qin Shi Huang was selected as an emperor. He was the man, who united efforts of all Chinese people to begin the long building of Great Wall of China, which protected them from the raids of hostile detachments.

Wall takes the beginning in Shanhaiguan and stretches from there with ophidian bends through the half of country to Central China. The end of the Wall is near Jiayuguan. Width of wall is approximately 5-8 meters, height reaches up to 10 meters. Next to a wall in some areas the additional strengthening and fortresses are located. Full length of the Wall is 8851.8 kilometers.

Each tourist in China feels necessary to visit the Great Wall. Millions of visitors step on its stones every year. The most popular area of the Great Wall is in a neighborhood of mountain Badaling, in 60 kilometers from Beijing, reconstructed in 1957. The extent of the Wall in this place is about 50 kilometers. Entrance costs Y45; working hours are from 6 to 22 in summer and from 7 to 18 in winter. A ticket includes a 15-minute film about building of the wall in Circle Vision Theatre (from 9 to 17:45) and visiting a Great Wall Museum (from 9 to 16:00).

Reaching the Badaling motion is possible by bus number 919 (Y5 – 10 depending on quantity of stops on the way), that runs every 10 minutes away from the ancient gate of Deshengmen, in 500 meters to the east of the tube of Jishuitan station. It is possible to lease a taxi for all day (8 hours) and for 4 passengers that costs Y400.

In addition, there are the so-called tourist routes: Line C (Y80 there and back again, includes the entrance fee for the Wall; from 6:30 to 22); Line A (that also makes a stop at the Ming Tombs, it costs Y140 including all entrance tickets and dinner, from 6:30 to 22).
Of course you can choose another parts of the Wall to visit. The point is to dip into the mythological and symbolistic culture, walk through the legendary places and see two different parts of the Chinese Republic from there.

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