Beautiful Nature And Ancient History Of Greece Santorini

How many mysteries and legends envelop the island of Santorini! According to legend, it came of now extinct volcano; it appeared out of nowhere, so it is often called the lost continent of Atlantis. Here you will plunge into the feeling of calm and measured, enjoy amazing beaches and landscapes, quiet streets with a succession of Greek little houses and clear sea.

Most hotels at the Greece Santorini gravitate to waterfront and offer rooms with views of the sea or mountains. Many hotels have cozy terraces where there’s a table for a meal. The hotel staff is hospitable, regardless of the number of “stars”. Due to the natural island vacation, many hotels offer wedding packages vacation, the place is the best to spend a honeymoon. You can also rent an apartment or residence. Private villas, which are rented out, usually very well equipped with modern appliances, communication devices and household appliances. This housing option is beneficial for long-term (a few weeks) or rent for families and companies. At the island of Greece Santorini climate is classical Mediterranean one.

However, in the center and south it can be a little hotter. In summer, from time to time there’s intermittent rain, and in the coldest winter the temperature at night is conducive to long walks at the island. In spring, weather atGreece Santorini allows to start swimming season. After that, this place attracts tourists from all over the world, as in the shadow temperature reaches 25 degrees and above. Beaches are not emptied until November, when it’s colder and rains more frequently.

Sand of the Santorini beaches, thanks to the volcanic past of the island and the local soil rich mineralization, acquired a range of shades – from pale to pink milk, red and even black. The mixture of looks on the seabed is especially picturesque. Lots of attention is paid to the development of infrastructure at Greece Santorini. Here you will find countless wide choice of restaurants with local cuisine, nightclubs with loud music, sports centers with suggestions for professional surfers and beginners in this field. Very often, the couples, who dream of the unforgettable honeymoon, come to the island. It is also not uncommon wedding at Santorini, because to choose the best place for ceremony is quite simple – almost every place is imbued with tenderness and romance. For example, during the wedding, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea or even of an extinct volcano.

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