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Canal at Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge – a historic town in the North of England, is not only the largest but also the most English of all English counties: from the hills, meadows and blooming gardens of local residents to the classic British pacified neighborhoods. Many of those who were born and raised in Hebden Bridge, gleefully mock prejudice southerners, occupying a position, exactly the same as the Texans and Australians, who believe that everything that happens not with them, do not be taken into account.

The fact that Hebden Bridge has all the advantages here, as its most striking features – from the dialect to the landscape – are rooted in a long history of settlement, inventions and independence, and it is still a source of pride. There are acres of rounded valleys, national parks in the hills and a great coastline, spotted by the names of places, which came from the Vikings, medieval abbeys, designated areas of fighting during the Civil War and rural houses of aristocrats and industrialists.

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This picturesque village at the edge of the harbor recognized the prettiest villages in Cornwall. Narrow alleys, small cute shops, and walks on the water – all this can be found here, as well as a wonderful fishing and contraband. This museum village was founded in the 11th century and is quite popular. Especially it’s crowded here in the summer. There are many attractions, such as: Peveril Castle, Odin mine or one of the four caves in Castleton. The village is surrounded by rolling hills, along which you can walk perfectly, many hiking trails, as well as cottages for resort. In the middle ages wool industry flourished here. The village lies in the nature reserve where many wild animals inhabit. The narrow main street leading down to the River Colne, where there is a very beautiful river bridge. Hebden Bridge is a typical village with the village church of St. Mary, as well as houses that have been standing here from the XVII century. One of the most beautiful villages in the hilly area, located between the hills and Mount Amberley. The local river is often overflowing the banks in the winter, that’s why the ground becomes wet and formed a lot of marshes.

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