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Mehrangarh Fort, Mehrangarh stronghold, or (as it is translated from Hindi – “win a place”) is an amazing stronghold in the heart of Jodhpur, Indian’s state of Rajasthanthe second largest city. It stands on the 125-meter rocky hill on the edge of the Thar Desert, like a menacing guard, that protects people from deadly respiratory incandescent sands.

The plateau on which the fort stands has 3 sections: the north-western part – the palace, to the east – a large terrace in the south – strengthening. Ancient Indian history is full of frequent bloody civil wars, so the value of the Indian forts at all times was no less significant than the European castles. The walls of the fort Mehrangarh failed to stop Raja conquerors. City of Jodhpur lost its independence in the middle of the XVI century. It has been dominated by the Mughal Emperorand for many years (over 300 years). Still, the war continued, and the walls of the fort keep multiple traces of cannon balls – ancient testimony of the former power and strength.

Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur

Another wonderful reminder of old times kept the Mehrangarh Fort ramparts. In the middle of the XIX century, after the death of the Maharaja Man Singh on behalf of all his 15 wives they decided to come up to him on the funeral pyre. They dipped their hands in henna; they said goodbye, left prints on the wall of the fort. Subsequently, hand prints were carved in stone, as a reminder of the traditional customs, loyalty and devotion to her husband.

Inside the fort Palace of Flowers, Pleasure Palace, and Pearl Palace are located. Small courtyard separates them. Halls of these palaces are ornamented in their rich and luxurious decoration. It also serves as Hindu temple of Kuldevi goddess. However, Mehrangarh stronghold is one of the most impressive palaces of Rajasthan state museums so it attracts tourists’ greatest interest. There you can find the golden prince’s throne, magnificent miniatures, jewelry, ivories, luxurious apparel, and weapons. Near the fortress there is Jaswant Thada, it is a memorial decorated in white marble, built in memory of the ruler of Jodhpur Jaswant Singh II.

Mehrangarh Fort Architecture

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