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Castle from fairy-tale harbored in the forests of Bavarian Alps is a real masterpiece deserved mad popularity among tourists and brings in the fabulous return of Germany. Neuschwanstein became the prototype for castle from the Sleeping Beauty in Parisian Disneyland, the source of inspiration for Tchaikovsky for ballet the “Swan Lake” and embodiment of Ludwig II’s love to music of Wagner.

Hardly there will be other castles of Germany, keeping the more exhibits of demonstrating royal admiration compositions of Wagner, Neuschwanstein castle still cares about tapestries with the image of scenes from his operas.

Hall Neuschwanstein Castle Germany

Neuschwanstein translates as “New Swan Stone”. All architecture of building is penetrated with the swan motives. A swan is the heraldic symbol of ancient Schwangau family. By the way, Ludwig II’s father, Maximilian II Bavarian, view himself their successor. Ludwig was the enormous admirer of Richard Wagner, identifying himself with one of personages of his operas, the Swan knight. Inheriting a royal throne, Ludwig II incarnated his old fantasy – the swan castle of incomparable beauty.

Indoors a throne hall demonstrates copious pictures: composite frescos with angels and Christian saints. Actually, there is no any throne, as soon as a dais at the end of room was built, king was dethroned.

Another sight is the Grotto, a production of violent king’s fantasy. A small at first sight room on the third floor is executed as a fabulous cave with a small waterfall. Feeling of cave here is so realistic that look like a real miracle. Moreover, a grotto is connected by auditory motion with Hall of singers purposely for king’s pleasure.

Neuschwanstein Schwangau Castle Germany

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