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Phuket island, located at crossroads of old trade routes and equipped with excellent marinas, has always been famous for the presence of overseas goods and unique blend of ideas and traditions from around the world. Vessels moored on the island in order to wait out the monsoon time, before you continue your journey to distant lands. Local beaches, dotted with umbrellas and sun beds, were once a haven of pirates, smugglers, robbery and search of pearls. Their descendants still live in little villages along the coast and on the other islands.

The island is rich by natural resources and located on the crossroads of major trade routes, it became the subject of constant disputes between the British, Burmese and Thai empires. Phuket island came into the possession of Thailand after Sukhothai Army liberated the island from foreign invaders. Burma is trying to establish control over the island until the end of 18 century, when the inhabitants of the island could unblock it. The main heroes in the history of Phuket are sisters Chan and Muk, who led resistance to Burma and helped win the battle, which took place in Thalang Province.

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At the beginning of the 20th century, the Phuket island began arriving to European Miners, the involvement of local natural resources. The Governor of Phuket, in addition to the payment of money, set as a condition for the creation of infrastructure, including construction of roads, canals and different buildings. As industrialists managed to make a fortune, they also built a stunning building in the colonial style.

Today, rubber plantations are an important source of income for the local inhabitants. The same family usually owns each plantation. Driving around the island, pay attention to the numerous rubber plantations with neat rows of tall trees with containers to collect the latex, which is a raw material for the production of rubber in Phuket island.

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