Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Sunset

Taj Mahal is known around the world, it has been attracting many tourists for already 350 years. The familiar silhouette of the countless photographs became a symbol of India. It seems that the Taj Mahal is hovering between heaven and earth: its proportions, symmetry, surrounding gardens and a mirror of water produce an unprecedented experience. The monument, erected in honor of the Sultan, of his beloved wife, not only affects their appearance, but also of the history that accompanied the construction of the mausoleum.

Currently attraction began to collapse – there are cracks in the foundation, and the color of white marble began to turn yellow. The first relates to the fact that the river has dried up a long time, and the soil began to sink, and the second – because of air pollution. Any production in Agra immediately closed, and now workers are trying to give whiteness to the construction using the white clay. There is probably no reason to worry – UNESCO took the object under its protection.

Taj Mahal Inside

Facilities bring a lot of money (from the flow of tourists) for country, so it tries hard to protect Taj Mahal. In addition to the closure of a number of air-polluting enterprises, a law was passed that prohibits aircraft fly over this architectural monument.

The mausoleum of the Taj Mahal – the most visited place in India. Thousands of tourists come here from all over the world. On all four sides of the mausoleum police officers are on duty, who vigilantly monitor all visitors. They guard the entrance to the upper platform of the mausoleum (before the passage was closed, there were dozens of suicide jumping from the minarets, was often the cause of unrequited love – symbolic, because the Taj Mahal is also called “Temple of Love”).

Also, tourists aren’t permitted to photograph near building as the Taj Mahal is recognized as a national shrine. It should be noted that scientists are seriously concerned about the future of the mausoleum. In October 2004, two Indian historians have warned that the Taj Mahal is tilted and may collapse or sag if the state government of Uttar Pradesh, which is famous mausoleum, will not occupy the territory, directly adjacent to the monument of architecture.

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