Ang Thong National Marine Park

Palms In Ang Thong National Marine Park

Basic and the most popular excursion to Samui Island is a journey to National Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park, that means “golden bowl” in Thai.

Only 35 kilometers to the west Samui – and you can enjoy a paradisiac view: 42 islands of uninhabited jungles. Just 18 square kilometers of the rest area, general area is the protected zone – 102 square kilometers. In November 1980, this place was declared as a park to save nature of islands and magnificent coral reefs round them, all in the natural, virgin state. Thais occupy only one of islands (they watch after a cleanliness and order in a park) and tourists visit it, arriving for 1-2 nights. All other islands are uninhabited.

Ang Thong National Marine Park Thailand

Alex Garland, who wrote the famous novel “Beach”, glorified the archipelago. Author was inspired by unbelievable landscapes of Ang Thong. Later basing on this work it was filmed a movie about tropical beauty and bosoms of the sea with Leonardo Dicaprio.

Appearing in these fairy-tale lagoons, dipped in the cleanest sea, walking on snow-white beaches, breathing in the fresh aromas of tropics and glancing in mystic caves everybody feels he becomes the hero of novel or a film. In addition, do not forget about diving in the reign of iridescent corals and bright exotic fishes. More than fifty birds species, almost 40 species of reptiles, 16 species of mammals and 5 species of amphibians is all the fauna of island incredibly rich and various with.

If you are not acquainted with marine living creatures, then in a park you will cognize a rich encyclopedia in living embodiment. Here are a fish-butterfly, fish-angel, fish-parrot, devilfish, sea cucumber, oyster, the night shark, snapper, grouper, blue crab and, of course, corals of all colors and sizes.

Boats Ang Thong National Marine Park

Trip to these places it is difficult to organize by yourself and under your power, but a local tourist agencies organize such journeys without problems.

Most rapid and comfortable way to get to the park is a speed cutter. There are no more than 20-25 people onboard, the whole route will take only 45 minutes, and there will not be a large accumulation of people in landing-places.

If you love large companies and prefer not to hurry, a ferry will suit for you best. Your trip to the park will occupy about two hours by it. However, to the basic islands from the sizes this ship will not be able to suit. After that tourists replant into the little boats and go to the shore by them.

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