Crater Lake National Park

Snowy Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake is truly the deepest US Lake. Stunning deep blue water washes a small piece of land – Witching Island. The lake is completely circular in shape, and takes resulting from the volcanic eruption 7,700 years ago caldera. The volcano that formed the lake is named Mount Mazama itself very affected by the eruption.

Thermal activity occurring at the bottom of the lake, still gives the right to consider a volcano active. The average depth of the lake is at a value of 300 meters and the maximum depth is 594 meters. Crater Lake occupies the 7th place among the deepest lakes in the world. The lake is fed only by water from precipitation, streams, or originating at an altitude of 1883 meters, which makes the water incredibly clean. The lake has no outlet, or the rivers that fed it to. Around the lake, located in Oregon, the Crater Lake national park was established.

Panorama Crater Lake National Park

Now, the lake attracts many tourists with its unusual mountain views, and for adventure lovers Crater Lake national park offers scuba diving. The lake seems fantastic, due to low clouds and smooth dark blue, almost black water. This gave glory to the mystical lake and the island, which stands in the center, secures its glory. On this basis, culture concluded that the tribe is very ancient, and keeps the tradition of the volcanic eruption. Another miracle, observed by tourists in Crater Lake national park is the so-called “Lake the Old Man”. This is a log floating on the surface of the lake more than one century. The lake water is extremely cold, so the trunk 9 meter wood perfectly preserved, although the protruding portion was digested and bleached on the sun.

The Crater Lake national park is unusual with its mystery and legends associated with its history. A Witching island is still considered a place of committing a variety of magical rituals. The lake is often visited by tourists, scientists and amateurs of peace, which are attracted by calm and measured surface of the lake waters. Traveling in the United States you should visit Crater Lake national park, which is a magical place since ancient times, and make sure it is a fantastic tranquility.

Wizard Island Crater Lake National Park

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