Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park Camping

On our planet, you can meet a lot of amazing places and beautiful sights. However, some travelers are sent to the US West to see the lowest place in North America (almost 87 meters below the sea level) and visit Death Valley national park.

In this place back in 1913, was recorded the highest temperature in the world: July 10, not far from the tiny town of Furnace Creek thermometer showed 57 degrees Celsius. Naturally, such a temperature in the Death Valley is rather rare than a rule. Death Valley national park in the US is still very popular although its average temperature forces many tourists to think several times before heading out to explore the National Park Service, which since the days of the Gold Rush gained notoriety: during a day in the summer months, the air in the vicinity of the Great Basin warms up to +46 degrees Celsius. A night in the Death Valley national park brings a little relief: temperature after sunset falls only to 31 degrees in the Mojave.

Sightseeing at Death Valley National Park

This area of intermountain cavity in California not accidental received a scary name. It is quite rare to find living organisms in this place in the summer months: a heat, wind, lifeless landscapes and moving rocks. By the way, a catchy and memorable name Death Valley national park received in 1849, the year. In the mid-19th century, settlers from Europe have decided to get to the beautiful California by the shortest path: almost all adventurers died, not even reaching the middle of the depression in the Mojave Desert.

In winter and early spring this “hell on Earth” suddenly transforms: more than 1 000 species of plants wake up and paint a terrible intermountain depression in all sorts of colors and shades for a short time. This miracle can only be seen in the end of November and the end of March. Already in April, the ambient temperature becomes unsuitable for life: plants are hiding to explode with riot of colors next winter again.

To have time to get used to the high temperatures and winds, familiarity with Death Valley national park is the best to start with a small tourist town called Furnace Creek. This settlement is a huge amount of campgrounds, hotels, bars and restaurants, where the weary travelers, of course not for free, will be offered with water, food and shelter. At the same time, it should be noted that in some camping it is not possible to live without prior reservation.

Death Valley National Park Camping

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