Emerald Lake Koh Samui

There are many different tourist excursions to Koh Samui island, such as the Spine Chilling jeep safari and rides to nearby islands. One of the most basic and popular trips to the island of Samui is a travel to Ang Thong National Marine Park), which in translation from local dialect means “golden bowl”, where emerald lake koh samui is situated. Caught in these fabulous lagoons, plunged into the clear sea, walking up to the white sandy beach, breathing the fresh flavors of the tropics and looking into the mysterious cave – you will become the hero of a novel or film. Do not forget about snorkeling in the realm of the rainbow of bright corals and exotic fish. More than fifty species of birds, about 40 species of reptiles, 16 species of mammals and 5 species of amphibians – all this makes the island’s fauna incredibly rich and varied.

If you are not very familiar to species of marine life, in the park you personally will meet the rich encyclopedia in the living incarnation – butterfly fish, angelfish, parrot fish, stingrays teniura Lymm, sea cucumber, mollusks giant clams, oyster, blacktop reef shark, snapper, grouper, blue crab, gorgonian alcyonaria and, of course, the corals of all colors and sizes.

To approach directly to the water of the Emerald lake Koh Samui is impossible; you can only walk on the bridges, which are located on the cliffs near the lake. Swimming in Emerald lake Koh Samui is forbidden – guides explain the cause as the presence of a very rare ancient fish. Top can be easily seen all the wooden structures that are configured directly on the rocks. For all you can stroll and enjoy a unique view of the lake. Near the underground tunnel it is another observation deck – here your eyes the rich underwater life. You can easily see the bottom of the sea urchins and fish and even barracuda and small reef sharks, because the lake is shallow and the water of Emerald lake Koh Samui is clear.

The island was once a volcano, and after it has gone out, the lake filled the middle of the crater. The water reflects the bright blue sky, and by the light of the sun, it becomes emerald. Very beautiful sight. By the way, on the island you can rent bungalow or tent and stay overnight. However, if you want to be alone with nature, it is the place you need.

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