Garden Of The Gods

Garden of the Gods Sleeping Giant

Colorado is one of the mountain states of America. It concentrated the highest peaks of the Southern Rocky Mountains! But particularly impressive look orange rocks have. They captivate not only by their bright color, but also with very strange shapes. Cluster of colorful sculptures of nature near the city of Colorado Springs is known as the Garden of the Gods. For almost a hundred years, this unique area has belonged to the state and operated as a national park. Park Garden of the Gods is a fantastic geological formation. It was given the status of a National Monument and National park. Orange rocks are rocks of rainfall that eventually slammed into the rocks. In fact, this is sandstone and dolomite. Originally the rocks were a part of the Rocky Mountains, but at least their destruction turned into sandstone.

This happened about 300 million years ago. Sandstone laid down in flat layers and was fossilized. Then, as a result of compression of tectonic plates, there was a rise in the soil. At the same time a new rock, which pushed up the natural formations, formed. Now these rocks are in an upright position in the form of rocks and destroyed, taking bizarre shape. One of the most bizarre rock formations are located in Garden of the Gods with a characteristic hole called “Kissing Camels”. Another one was dubbed “Rock North Gate”. In the most northern part of the Garden of the Gods there is a “Tower of Babel”. It’s interesting that for the right of control over the territory a real war broke out in the second half of the nineteenth century. This place has long been inhabited by Indians of the tribe “ute”.

Garden of the Gods Sleeping Giant

They considered that place sacred and had a good reason for this. The Garden of the Gods, in fact, is a unique “melting pot”, which is interspersed with different bio area and ecosystem. Steppes resembling the Great Plains are combined with thickets of juniper and mountain forests. Feeling all this extraordinary interplay of nature, the Indians performed their most secret rituals there. So when in 70 years of the nineteenth century the Europeans found deposits of gold and silver near Garden of the Gods, and began to build their mine, the Indians rebelled and killed a dozen commissioners. Today, in this Garden of the Gods you can still meet argali sheep, mountain deer, wild rabbits and birds.

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