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Winter At Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is located in state Montana, USA, and occupies more than 400 thousand hectares north from the Rocky Mountains.

Generally Glacier park is covered by a glacier, a wilderness that extends to the north from Alaska in a passageway to Alsek River surrounding the most picturesque character the magnificent arm of the sea.

Camping Glacier National Park

It’s surprising and wonderful place, famous the staggering landscape, and sublimities to 1000 meters along Flathead River, and the most real mountain peaks arriving at 3000 meters. Four ten of glaciers, after that a park (in translation the name of park is Glacier), ancient limestone cliffs, is named, no less than 300 lakes, waterfalls – all of it makes a park an incredibly popular tourist place. Except everything, enormous great number of animals – elk, wolves and bears – for a long time consider Glacier as a native home.

For today on territory of park there is a more than 300 buildings, included in National Register of Historic Places.

The huge wave of tourists tries to get in park in spring and summer: from the end of May and to September in a park tourist season is officially opened. In other months a park is opened, however, only limited service is accessible.

Glacier National Park USA

Today Glacier National Park brings over to itself not only those, who getting tired from overpopulation of cities, searches unity with nature. The Glacier Park became one of centers getting in the zone of interests of ecotourists. Making progress on a planet Global Warming attracts people, seeing in this corner of Montana one of a few on Earth of places with glaciers that can suffer from a rise in temperature first of all, here, and that is why it is needed to hurry to see them. So, on the prognoses of scientists, glaciers can disappear to 2030.

It is said that before long it is even planned to change the names Park on anything type of “Memorial Glacier National Park”. However, in spite of the fact that with every year more record and threatening numbers of temperatures are fixed, glaciers remain glaciers while, and a sea closeness determines a cool, raw climate with the abundant sinking, that largely influences on the sizes of glaciers.

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