Kanchanaburi Death Railway

Kanchanaburi is to the west of the capital and is part of the same province, which occupies the third place in the country area. Perhaps the main attraction in Kanchanaburi, you can call it wonderful nature by the right: pristine landscapes, proximity of mountains and plains, stunning waterfalls and interesting animal life – that’s what attracts tourists from all over the world. The concrete symbol of the city is the bridge over the River Kwai, built by prisoners during the Second World War, to the same period not less than the famous museum and the cemetery also became the hallmark of the province.

Prisoners of war built the so-called Road of Death, which stretches almost by 80 km. Today, the train goes through it, and while walking on it, tourists can admire the spectacular views: beautiful plains and deep gorges. Temple Khmer Prasat Muang Singh, built in the XII century, is also an interesting attraction, and requires special attention. It hosts educational trips, opening the mysteries of many Buddhist traditions. A popular pastime is visiting and floating market, because it can also tell you about the history of Thailand. As you know, the country is in a tropical climate, with a probability of seasonal rains.

Kanchanaburi Bridge

Such frequent rainfalls have led to the invention of the market on the water – on the blurred by the dirt roads movement was difficult, while it was possible to navigate the river all year round. In addition, folk craft has always been developed in the province, as evidenced by a valid and current Royal machining center. Today it not only produces exclusive furniture, but a unique paper. Tour in Kanchanaburi will allow you to get acquainted with the development of the provinces of Thailand, which is the real center of agriculture. There is flourishing breeding of special varieties of fish and shrimp, as well as the cultivation of rice and coconuts. Thus, this region plays an important role in many aspects of national life.

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