Snow-White Beaches and Emerald Jungles of Krabi

Although it is hard to say what properly attracts tourists to Krabi, it is a fact that Australians prefer these beaches to all another ones. Moreover, you should believe them – who knows better how to spend time on marine rest than they do. Here you’ll see an amazing beautiful coast with deep caves, snow-white beaches and emerald jungles.

The unique things for usual tourists are centers for meditation outside the city area. There is sandstone in the forest, it has a cave and a temple at the foot. Two hundred and fifty monks in orange overalls live there, in the Tiger Cave Temple. It was called this way because of rock formed like the tiger claw near it. Every day, after morning meditation and prayer, columns of people with the shaven heads and pacific faces climb 1272 stairs leading to the top of the mountain where, allegedly, Buddha has left a footprint. If you do not find it, impressive views from the top will compensate a long ascent.

Another one sightseeing is the Emerald Pool (the other name is Crystal Lagoon). It’s a pond with the green water. Its color is caused by a profusion of minerals, which come from limestone hill. There you could enjoy relaxation during the hot day escaping from the heat.
You can also visit the natural hot spring. There is a Klong Thom Waterfall that is in 40 km to south from Krabi. Here, in the forest, a hot bubbling spring is hidden. Water comes from the earth with a temperature above 50 degrees by Celsius, however it cools later and you can even swim in its stream below.

There is a huge variety of tours offering different facilities for tourists like travelling by boat and sightseeing from the water, walks with a guide, swimming with a snorkel, watching the amazing sunsets, eating local dishes etc. Everyone will find something to be pleased with.

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