Liguria: All the Best in 1 Day

Sights Of Liguria

Liguria is considered to be one of the smallest regions in Italy. Its territory is a good example of a land of contrasts: there are lots of cliffs over the sea on its eastern part while on the western side there is nothing but bays and sandy beaches. No matter what vehicle you are travelling by, you will always go through one tunnel after another, bursting forth from complete darkness into bright sunlight with the azure sea waves glimmering at your side. One of the many landscape highlights found in the region is the Liguria Cinque Terre, which is a popular tourist destination for those who are fond of walking. This area consists of five authentic fishing villages and is completely free from car traffic.

If you are going to stay only one day in the region, then you should definitely spend this time on exploring all five villages. Since it takes only a few minutes to get from one stop to another by train, this is your perfect choice. This region is especially popular with those tourists avoiding crowded places. Visiting all five villages will let you explore the real soul of this authentic territory that isn’t spoiled by the modern world.

Riviera Liguria

In the medieval villages scattering all over the hinterland, visitors are offered organic food and traditional healthy cuisine. Down the Riviera, there are stunning sea resorts like Sanremo and Rapallo welcoming visitors and shoppers from all over the world. The territory of the region is covered with beech trees, chestnut trees, oaks, and many flowers. You won’t find another place in Italy that offers such biodiversity. Even though there is some agricultural activity, such as planting of olive trees and making wine, the most developed sectors of the economy are trade and tourism.

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