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Not every tourist before visiting Turkey finds out such an amazing place as Pamukkale. However, about two million persons every year arrive to see this masterpiece of nature. When locals saw this miracle of nature with the snow-white terraces, they named it Pamukkale that translates as “Cotton castle”. During almost 20 thousands of years warm sources beatings from under earth, day after day worked on that, to create this beauty.

Besides the indescribable beauty, these thermal springs are curative characteristics and yet from ancient times people used this place as a hospital. In II century B.C. The Pergamon king Eumenes II founded a city Hierapolis, which later got status of sacred city, here, due to the thermal springs of Pamukkale. You will be able to try out the springs in the Pool of Cleopatra, on legend, presented to the tsarina by Mark by Anthony during their wedding trip.
A pool of Cleopatra is one of the Roman bathhouses and place, where thermal waters of Pamukkale go out under the earth. The temperature of water here even in a cold season does not fall below 35°С.

Pamukkale Cave

You will undoubtedly overmaster the unbelievable beauty of white slopes. Unfortunately, there is a large risk, that Pamukkale will suffer from ecocatastrophe. Therefore, if you are going to see this natural spectacle, you should hurry up to come there. The most interesting thing is how these white rocks appeared.

The point is Pamukkale is located on geothermal springs, where temperature of water measures from 30 to 100 °C. This water flows down but slopes of rocks and forms the little pools of various form with limestone walls (by travertines). Therefore, due to the overflow of salts from springs rich in a calcium a white color turns out.

Pamukkale is always opened, but it requires entrance fee: 20 Turkish lyres. Only here an entrance to the travertines is open not everywhere for tourists by reason of that some travertines fragile. There are yet some rules and limitations. It is impossible on travertines to walk in a shoe, and bath in sources, but the last rule tourists nevertheless violate and submerge in water in depth in a meter. For such sort of bathing there is the special pool of “Cleopatra” in city Hierapolis.

Pamukkale Cave

It is planned to open a few more pools in order to forbid the access of tourists to the springs. If you are a lover of natural beauty and ancient civilizations, you are necessary to visit Pamukkale, a place, which is rich with not only historical and cultural values but also unique natural phenomena.

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