The Phang Nga Bay is Beautyful Place to Relax

The Phang Nga bay takes place not far from the Phuket island and it is one of the Thailand wonders. It is considered as one of the most spectacular environmental attractions of Thailand. The usual landscape here looks like lonely rocks, as spread wide fingers sticking out from a light-blue smooth surface. Staggeringly beautiful bay consists of great number of small islands, consisting of limestone formations creating a picturesque background. Even producers of the movie about James Bond “The Man with the Golden Gun” chose this place for the surveys.

Majority of them are uninhabited and have impressive caves and tunnels, leading in the hidden lagoons, the best method to examine them is kayaking. Every small island is unique, it has a beautiful form, and there are wonderful beaches on some of them.

However, the only way to visit the bay is purchasing of excursion in the travel agencies of Phuket, Krabi or at the administrative center of the Phang Nga province itself. Ten tour operators organize journeys to the bay, and the routes of their journeys differ from each other. Basic sights of bay can be fully looked throw in one day. Although choosing a days-long turn, you will be able at an easy pace to detect the deserted beaches, untouched tropical land and other sights of this paradisiacal place. Do not be tempted by cheap tours, including superficial examination of sign sights of bay with fifty passengers aboard a cutter. Mainly they all follow a standard route to islands, hidden lagoons, little beaches and caves and include the visit of Khao Phing Kan shown in the film series of James Bond. Most tourists visit it from Phuket, and excursions are advertised as a “trip on the island of James Bond”.

By a royal decree from April 29, 1981, territory of bay is included in the complement of the Ao Phang Nga National Park. More than 80% of it occupies the Andaman Sea, and only 20% is a coast. There are 42 islands which enter in the complement of a national park. A park area is 400 square kilometers and includes the largest territory of the mangrove forests on the south of Thailand.

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