Phuket National Parks

Natural Phuket National Park

Phuket natural reserves are well-known even beyond the island. The Sirinat National Park occupies an area about 8000 ha, including some beautiful beaches. There are some waterpark attractions at the Mai Khao beach. In addition, you can find here the thematic areas where the nature of different continents is modelled. A park is famous for its mangrove jungles, stretching through all the park territory. Periodically at the time of tide sea waters flood it, so there is a wooden flooring on an island.

Tourists are even able to stay in the park for some days and to live in a bungalow. Vacation here is perfect for some who want to be in a harmony with nature.

Bang Pae Phuket National Park

Khao Phra Thaeo National Park is located in a north part of Phuket and it is quite famous for its Gibbon Rehabilitation Center. When in these places there were very much white-handed gibbons easily contacting with people. Nevertheless, now these friendly primacies appeared under threat of complete disappearance. The specialists of park engage in collection of these animals from around the world and educate them how to live in the wild world. There are two beautiful waterfalls – Ton Sai and Bang Pae on territory of park. Waterfalls are connected by inter sea foot-way long a 3 km.

Khao Sok National Park takes place on the limestone rocks which age is several hundred millions of years. Main sight of park is a Cheow Lan lake. Excursions at a park include the visit into the karst caves, kayaking and walks near waterfalls. A park is the wildlife habitat for ten species of mammals, about two hundred birds’ species and a few thousand of insects’ species.

At the territory of this park, it is possible to visit a small zoo, elephants’ farm, tortoises’ farm, monkey cave and fruit market. During an excursion on Khao you can sweep on elephants, visit the memorial of tsunami or missed on jungles to the waterfall, where it is possible to swim. There is a lot more national parks there, but we will talk about it later. Have a great vacation!

Cascade Phuket National Park

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