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Beautiful Point Reyes

Point Reyes is an area of 26,305 hectares, popular because of the possibility of whale watching, offers visitors a dazzling beaches, coastal dunes, lagoons, marshes and forests on hilltops. It is perfect for trips to nature at any time of the year. Those who are imaginative may search the traces of the famous privateer Francis Drake, after whom the estuary of the river is named. Historians agree that Drake landed “in a suitable and convenient haven” somewhere in California in 1579. People are still looking for the treasure of Drake supposedly buried somewhere in the vicinity.

You can take a short (but with a lot of steps) walk to the Lighthouse Point Reyes, offering stunning views of the sea. On a clear day when the mist rises, look directly on the south and you will see Farallon Islands, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with the largest sea bird nesting of the south of Alaska. On the way to the Cape Bird Observatory there is Palomarin Point Reyes, founded in 1965 and became the first observation post of its kind in the United States. The idyllic tranquility carpet patterns, meadows, fields and forests of this place are deceptive. Below them there is a zone of collision of two restless, active tectonic plates of the earth’s crust. And we can only guess what is going to happen during the next strong earthquake.

Exciting Point Reyes

Point Reyes, covering 260 square meters, is made of ancient granite, found nowhere else in the surrounding Northern California. It is useless to even try to find something like it among the rocks of the district of San Francisco. A similar geological formation is located nearly 500 km to the south, in the mountains near Los Angeles Texachapi. There is another evidence that the Point Reyes – the rock monolith traveler, a fragment of the Pacific floor, turned out to be above sea level in the process of raising, slowly creeping north, pressing hard with the edge of the continental plate of North America.

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