Redwood National Park

Giant Redwoods at USA National Park

Fiction enthusiasts have probably seen the famous epic “Star Wars.” Remember last season? Planet Endor, the forest covered with fabulous high trees … Did you know that you can yourself experience the atmosphere of this cinematic saga? To get on a fantastic planet Endor, it is enough to come in Redwood national park.

This area of wilderness is in the vast stretches of California. From the city of San Francisco – an hour drive away. The park is located on the north of the state, near the border with Oregon. Arriving here is better in the off-season – spring or fall. Then there are fewer visitors and the weather for walking is more comfortable. Since it is located close to the city of San Francisco, the lion’s share of tourists come to the Redwood national park (California) for one day. This time is quite enough to explore all the iconic places of the reserve, ride on the old railway and visit the museum. Also sequoia forests here preserved prairies and meadows. In addition to the mainland, about sixty kilometers of coastline of the Pacific Ocean with a strip area are to be protected. Therefore, except for elk and many other animals and birds of the forest, you can see the marine mammals – whales and seals.

Redwood National Park Forest

Long ago, when the old tree was still tender shoots in the modern reserve, Indian tribes lived on these lands. They built their huts of fallen sequoias. This plant is unique not only because of its impressive parameters. Its wood is so strong, that resists the ax. Sequoia is not afraid of any fires or lightning. They have very thick bark (30 centimeters). It is fibrous and soft. It is because of the sequoia bark it got the name “mahogany” – “Redwood”. Redwood national park got its name in honor of those giants, although there are other plants – azaleas, rhododendron California, Douglas fir, and others.

When in the middle of the last century California Gold Rush stirred up, there was a flood of miners. Few managed to cobble together a fortune on precious metals. Most earn their bread logging with precious redwoods. As time and demand for timber rose – a big city of San Francisco grew in a short distance. By the middle of the last century 90 percent of the virgin forest had been cut.

Redwood National Park California

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