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Kamari, once a quiet village in the southeast of the island of Santorini, is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Hotels are much cheaper than in Fira and Ge, and thus more comfortable – and the tourist infrastructure is well developed and modern. Today Santorini Kamari (located in 10 km from Fira) is a cosmopolitan, dynamic city that offers all the different opportunities imaginable for a beach holiday. The season lasts from May to September, begins sharply, and collects many people. Spa is becoming more popular, and everything becomes thicker motley crowd of tourist every year: the rest is no less comfortable than in the larger cities and housing and food prices are much lower. 1400 local residents are working diligently to maintain the tourist flow.

Beaches are sand and gravel, and sand is volcanic, smooth, and almost black by color. The beach stretches for several kilometers, it is marked by the blue flag, as an environmentally friendly and safe. Infrastructure of beach in Santorini Kamari offers water sports: catamaran, water skiing, parasailing, diving – to the guests. Children are not forgotten: a playground uncomplicated rides for the little ones. Activities rescuers well-coordinated: any stretch of coastal water does not remain without attention. A little further from the sea than the beach, the band begins restaurants, shops, cafes, souvenir shops, tourist bureau. Not all this stops, day or night, involving many people in the beach life cycle. The restaurants offer a varied menu including a menu of Greek, Mediterranean, Asian cuisine. Aromas of fresh fruit and freshly prepared seafood beckon to sit at the table and once again enjoy that generosity with which nature reacted to Greece. In many restaurants of Santorini Kamari, you can find diet food, or food that is suitable for children. And, of course, it is possible to obtain pure spa pleasure: to sit in the open air, listening to the waves and savor delicious Greek coffee.

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A night walk along the seashore can obtain a lot of fun: in these parts, the moon is usually large and has a reddish tint. Scenic highlights on the waves attract the eye and seem fantastic. Shopping at Santorini Kamari is surprisingly varied. You can buy everything from the things needed for the resort life, ending with branded items. Of course, there’re many places in town where you can buy authentic souvenirs, sometimes beautiful, sometimes edible Рall of them after a trip will remind you of the wonderful holiday in Santorini Kamari.

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