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In Yellowstone National Park nature lives without a human intervention. Yellowstone National Park is quite a popular place with tourists, cars, and all signs of civilization, but at the same time it is absolutely a piece of wilderness where animals live, like hundreds of years ago. Park attractions became popular also thanks to the paintings of artist Thomas Moran. In his honor, one of the mountains of Yellowstone was later named.

Yellowstone National Park is located in the US, in the territory of the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. In the area of 898.3 thousand there are many geysers and other geothermal sites, a lot of caves, rivers and canyons. Unique landscapes and beautiful nature attract thousands of tourists annually. Here hundreds of kilometers of asphalt roads for the convenience of the guests’ holiday are made. All the attractions of the park can be divided into several groups: the wildlife and fauna; geysers and hot springs; mountain rivers and lakes; fishing.

Exciting View of Yellowstone National Park

On the vast territory characteristic species of animals and birds live. Some of them are bison, deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, bears, antelope, coyotes, and wolves. Yellowstone National Park is taking all steps to ensure that tourists do not harm the environment, and, accordingly, because of it is strictly regulated number of visitors.

If you want to keep all the good memories of Yellowstone National Park and get good photos of animals, be sure to bring your SLR camera and lens with a good zoom. It is worth noting that the geysers – quite rare in nature. They exist in a few places on the planet. One of these places is Yellowstone Park. Geysers and hot springs are scattered throughout the park. Be sure to try to visit the main ones. So there you go into a hot trip to Yellowstone National Park. Mammoth Hot Spring Terrace is grand terraces, which were formed from mineral salts derived from the earth. Almost boiling water has special bacteria that make terraces and acquire such beautiful colors.

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