Places to Visit in Zion Natural Park, Utah

The state Utah can brandish with the number of national parks in it. However it is difficult to find one more such place in the United States, comparable with a grandeur and beauty of the Zion National park. In a south part of Utah, where sky is surprisingly clean and the landscape astounds you, the unsurpassed masterpiece of nature is located. A Zion national park represents a harmony of surprisingly beautiful rocks, hills and canyons. The terrain of national park serves as demonstration of one of the highest and most beautiful monoliths in the world. Zion is one of the most visited and spectacle parks in the United States. Its landscape varies from the typical desert to covered by the forest.

Distances from a Zion park (Visitor Center):
Las Vegas – 162 miles/259 kilometers (2 hours 40 minutes)
Valley of Fire – 134 miles/215 kilometers (2 hours 30 minutes)
Saint George – 42 miles/67 kilometers (1 hour)
Bryce Canyon – 86 miles/137 kilometers (2 hours) – to Visitor Center
Grand Canyon (South Rim) – 238 miles/380 kilometers (4 hours 15 minutes)
A Glen Canyon (Wahweap) – 113 miles/180 kilometers (2 hours 10 minutes)
Capitol Reef – 193 miles/309 kilometers (4 hours) – to Visitor Center
Canyonlands – 356 miles/572 kilometers (5 hours 15 minutes) – to Visitor Center
Entrance fee:

  • a ticket on a car and all passengers costs 25 dollars. A ticket is actual during 7 days including the day of purchase.
  • a ticket on a motorcycle and his driver costs 12 dollars. All passengers pay individual payment, but totally no more, than paying for an auto, that means $25.
  • an individual ticket (for those, who arrived by bicycle or on foot) costs 12 dollars per one man. Children aged to 15 pass free of charge. A ticket is actual during 7 days.

There are also two different annual passes, which stay actual during the whole year.
And when you finally get there you can be totally sure – you will be able to find a way to spend your time properly. Nevertheless, if you do not, there are some ideas: travel through the park by car or by bicycle, try hiking, take up climbing, listen to a ranger or go hiking with him, paddle down the river and just have fun!

The most popular trail is an “Observation Point Trail” leading to the viewing platform with a wonderful view over the Zion canyon. It is quite long and difficult, almost all road is uphill, thus on the asphalt-paved path, that is not comfortable too. But it pays off.
There is a huge variety of diverse trails, which you can choose. Some of them are extremely dangerous, some of them are for quiet and peaceful walks. Paths will lead away from a foot to the tops through waterfalls and hidden canyons, rivers and picnic spots, winding roads along the edge of cliff and other great things. Although from time to time it seems that it would be better to close your eyes and do not face with your fears like falling down to the bottom of a very deep gorge, there is a risk to skip the most breathtaking and enthralling moments in your life. So keep your eyes wide open and enjoy.

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